Welcome to JaBSnG.net

JaBSnG is an abbreviation and means "Just another Bouncer Service next Generation"

Everything has started in spring 2007 with few voluntary people, we started our Bouncer service with psyBNCs for the Users on OnlineGamesNet. This was the first step in the history of free Bouncers on OnlineGamesNet

In spring 2008 we expanded our service with new server and new team. We decided to switch from psyBNC to shroudBNC (sBNC). This one is more stable and it is easier to administrate.
Our server could handle about 500 Bouncer. But that was not enough. In December 2008 we decided to grow up our free Bouncer service.
We ordered again a new Server and now we can handle more than 1000 Bouncers.
However, we are no longer just a "free Bouncer hoster", we are part of the OnlineGamesNet with our own IRC Server, called JaBSnG.net!

Server/Services from KiRiLmAz at 25.11.2015
Hello Community, A brief statement concerning the last weeks or since the takeover. Unfortunately, we had some technical problems, with respect to the development. Furthermore, there has also been some downtime, to we testing the new versions. We want to improve our service in the future, as well as a nifty feature for users, we want not yet announce but in soon ;) Therefore, we hope that you have as a community a little patience with us;) The old server ie former ( -7) we be shut down on this week. The Bouncer will be Available at the following address: http://jabsng.net:10001/ etc, a detailed list will be added in very soon. Please note the news here on our website, IRC & Facebook. We are you. Keep me updated Regards, JaBSnG.net team
This site is multilingual available now! from Viper at 22.11.2015
This site is now available in english (default) and german!
ZNC's Webinterface Login from Viper at 21.11.2015
Now you can get from the website to the login page of your ZNCs. Select in the navigation "Webinterface" and then click on the desired port!
New website from Viper at 09.11.2015
Our new website is currently under construction! For questions you can reach us on IRC (irc.onlinegamesnet.net) in Channel "#jabsng"!

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